My integrative and holistic approach


I have developed an integrated method, combining naturopathy, herbal medicine, applied neuroscience and psychology which gives excellent results for managing stress and strong emotions and reducing their effects on your body, mind and soul.








Numerous scientific studies have proven that stress is a major cause of mental and physiological health problems (read more). Today, 80% of people suffer from chronic stress and 76% from burnout (find out more). And things only got worse with the Covid pandemic (read more)
During my 17-year career as an analyst and strategy consultant in a high-pressure environment (my linkedin account), I 've tried almost everything only to be able to conclude that the chronic stress response lies in a combination of natural techniques, a holistic view and a practical approach.

That is why I trained in several disciplines: naturopathy, phytotherapy, bioenergetics, Feng-Shui and Chinese medicine, applied neurosciences and psychology to create an integrated method that helps you to: 

  • quickly reduce the effects of stress on your health

  • reflect deeply on your "relationship to stress" (or trauma) and strong emotions

  • design and implement a healthy and personal daily balance and a sustainable management system for emotions.

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Cool Ever After  

Burnout Prevention Program

Links to: presentations FR/EN

videos FR/EN

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Putting Down My Roots

Teenagers and expatriation

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Other stress-related health problems that could be improved

  • Optimizing vital energy

  • Developing long term immunity 

  • Preventing chronic ENT problems 

Woman's Health
  • Regulating menstruations flow and pain  

  • Mitigating menopause and hormones related problems

Fatigue and irritability
  • Restore vital strength and qi circulation

  • Improve quality and quantity of sleep 

Skin Health
  • Reducing eczema, psoriasis skin reactions

  • Reducing inflammation


Chronic Pain
  • Osteoporosis or arthrosis 

  • Muscle inflammation


And more
  • Weight loss

  • Blood circulation

  • Muscle pain

  • Skin sensitivity

  • ...

  • Reducing digestive pains

  • Restoring digestive membrane's permeability

  • Restoring a healthy gut/brain balance


Adapting the way I was sleeping, eating and drinking was difficult but key at the beginning to help me out of the burnout spiral

Elena, Project Director

By asking myself the right questions about my work, understanding what makes me tired and what is important to preserve, I understood where to focus in my career.

Elisa, IT Director

Speaking with someone who understands what uprooting is, and implementing small diet changes has helped me adjust to my new reality

Irene, Student

I have learned a new mindful way of living and working. I am confident I will be able to sustain it and enjoy a new work/life balance »

Salomé, Sales Executive

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Elodie Fritsch
Integrative Therapist 
Natural Stress management Specialist 
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